Manage email replies in a tenth of the time

Ethical, AI-powered list management tools that help create more good in the world.

“In my time running dozens of large-scale email programs, I have searched for a solution to handling inbound replies without wasting hours every week. After 10+ years of searching, I decided to build one. That's Inbox Zero.”

Michael Phelan
Partner, Strategy & Hustle

Engage subscribers without the stress

Inbox Zero automatically sorts the endless out-of-offices, sets aside scams and hate mail, manages unsubscribes, and happily sends along your mailing address to donors who prefer to donate by check.

All that's left for you are the high-value messages that actually deserve your attention. Inbox Zero users report that what took them an hour to do in the past now takes them just five minutes. 

“Inbox Zero represents the next generation of email tools that can help your team grow your community effortlessly, giving your organization more time for creativity that inspires your supporters to take more actions and donate more frequently. As a seasoned pioneer in nonprofit tech, it's been thrilling to see the powerful impact this groundbreaking software is having for both startup and legacy orgs.”

Cheryl Contee
CEO, The Impact Seat Foundation

How AI-powered list management tools make your email program more personal


Inbox Zero's robots makes quick work of the tedious tasks so that you have time to respond authentically to genuine inquiries.


Inbox Zero surfaces heartfelt replies so that you can respond with the authentic care that your valued community members deserve.


Nobody likes reading hate mail. Inbox Zero isolates the nastygrams so that you can deal with the obnoxious on your terms, not theirs.


Our machines learn. Every time you manage your replies, our finely tuned algorithm gets even better at sorting your emails.

Frequently asked questions

How does Inbox Zero sort my emails?Inbox Zero uses a machine learning algorithm trained on tens of thousands of emails—making it more accurate than any simple keyword search. Your supporters each have a unique voice, but many of them also have unique auto-replies. Because of our unique training process, Inbox Zero can recognize the difference between “I’m out of the office this week” and “Get those bums out of office!” Your use of Inbox Zero provides additional training specific to your email list so that the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

What happens if Inbox Zero isn’t sure how to sort a particular email?Inbox Zero’s unique algorithm assigns a confidence score to every message. This score correlates with certainty, so an email that’s rated with an “A” is almost certainly in the right place, whereas emails with a certainty score of “C” or below are separated for you to check. Inbox Zero will learn from those assignments, so the number of uncertain emails will decrease over time.

Are my emails secure with Inbox Zero?Yes. We use the same authentication Google does.

Which Email CRMs is Inbox Zero compatible with?Most of what Inbox Zero does is based on simple API commands, so we can sync it with any CRM with an open API. So far, we have deployed it on Action Network, EveryAction, and Action Kit.

Do I need my reply address to be a Gmail account?Yes.

Will Inbox Zero eliminate jobs?No. Inbox Zero makes email program managers more productive and a lot less bored, but it does not replace the personal touch that only a person can offer.

Does Inbox Zero use artificial intelligence?Inbox Zero uses a form of artificial intelligence similar to a spam filter to sort email replies. Inbox Zero does not use generative AI like ChatGPT.

Can I trial Inbox Zero?Yes! Please schedule a demo and we will happily set up a trial for you and your company.

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